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Buttafuoco realized the implications of the description and accused Fisher as the shooter.Buttafuoco pled guilty to one count of statutory rape and served six months in jail.Based on a hotel receipt that was dated just a few days before Fisher's 17th birthday, he was eventually convicted of statutory rape and spent six months in prison.

Realizing how bad it looked for him, Joey Buttafuoco quickly turned state's evidence and identified Fisher as the woman who attempted to kill his wife.

After being released from prison Fisher went to work as a columnist for the Long Island Press. Recently Fisher has begun a career as a stripper and a pornographic actress.

The New York Post reports that headline-making ex-lovers Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher will be reunited for a romantic candlenight dinner this Monday night, as cameras roll.

In 2002, he participated in the Fox Network's Celebrity Boxing, originally slated to oppose John Wayne Bobbitt, who dropped out due to being arrested for domestic abuse.

Bobbitt was replaced by female pro wrestler Joanie "Chyna" Laurer.

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