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Watch as someone with superior knife skills carves into an herb-crusted, medium-rare, pink-in-the-center slab of beef tenderloin to order, shearing off a juicy trio of 2-ounce slices.The other building blocks are just right: a spot-on onion bun (from Denny’s 5th Avenue Bakery in Bloomington) and sweet grilled onions that play well against a lively horseradish-infused mayonnaise.Those prices might be justified by adding a little more love, like toasting the bun, or delving into garnishes beyond basic ketchup, mustard and raw onion.Location: Sections 143, 339 R Taco So great to see yet another familiar marquee (OK, the mini-chain is out of Texas, but with Minneapolis and St.Even the bun is right on the money, a buttered and toasted golden-brown beauty from St. Just as they do at their Lyn-Lake restaurant, Prairie Dogs co-owners Tobie Nidetz and Craig Johnson have this Chicago ritual down to an art form, scrupulously presenting their own snappy-skinned, all-beef dogs in a strict Windy City-style format.

Live a little and order the hot (as in, two-alarm) version.It’s luscious and creamy, with a welcome bittersweet undertone, and the garnish, white chocolate-coated Rice Krispies, is spot-on. Smoky Chicken Nachos at Twin City Foodies It’s another inspired stadium idea: asking a handful of noteworthy chefs to contribute street food-esque fare. in Marshall, Minn., so there’s the local connection, but that’s a pretty flimsy standard. Location: Sections 134, 307 Caribou Coffee It’s nice to see this local player veering out of its comfort zone and offering spiked coffee drinks (make mine a cold press with Kahlúa and vodka, thanks).It’s also highly shareable, making its price more palatable. Banana cream pie at Revival Another must-try dessert, this time a single-serving approximation of the same Southern delicacy that’s served at the south Minneapolis restaurant. The topper is the clever play on nachos () from chef Matt Bickford of Icehouse in Minneapolis. Yes, the available-in-your-supermarket’s-freezer-case Freschetta. It’s also lovely to encounter a rare non- alcoholic beverage. Particularly one so timid that it has all the punch of a brown Crayola dipped in warm milk?How many other American professional sports venues feature cumin-marinated, slow-roasted lamb shoulder, the succulent meat ribboned with tasty fat? Pork at AZ Canteen Rotisserie Again, the crew goes above and beyond (and the effort shows), giving pork shoulder an overnight cure, then rubbing it with paprika, black pepper and other aromatics. Chicken at AZ Canteen Rotisserie A very different animal from Revival, and just as satisfying.It’s sold by the shareable platter (, ) or in a spectacular sandwich (), topped with a lively cucumber-Greek yogurt sauce. During roasting, it’s basted with vinegar and brown sugar to insert a hint of just-right bitterness, then the tender meat is sliced thin and gets the same treatment as the lamb: on a platter (, ) or in another swoon-inducing sandwich (), this time finished with tangy onions and a minty slaw. Rather than being fried, it’s roasted, yielding a crisped-up skin and plentiful, well-seasoned meat.

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The cheese is gooey American, and instead of fries there are piping hot Tater Tots.