Causes of sexual assault on campus

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(Note: College-age students who identify as male are no longer “boys” needing protection of their mommies.They are adults.) Furthermore, faculty members, administrators, and students on equity committees and other Title IX-supervised programs don’t take their duties lightly.However, research examining risk and protective factors for SV perpetration at the community and societal levels remains very limited.Thus, most risk factors identified at community and societal levels are theoretically-derived and based on findings from the World Health Organization’s Protective factors may lessen the likelihood of sexual violence victimization or perpetration by buffering against risk.But let’s say abuses are found: Does this mean President Trump will demand further roll backs of Title IX protections as he demanded back in February?Is this yet another example of the administration’s “repeal and replace” obsession that’s ironically clogging the DC swamp drain?The purpose of this section is to provide information about perpetrators.

A combination of individual, relational, community, and societal factors contribute to the risk of becoming a perpetrator of SV.In the absence of offering any realistic solution to the problem of false accusations of sexual assault, De Vos’s effort appears hollow.The education secretary’s Thursday meeting with the accused means that some damage has already been done.From my two-plus decades of higher education experience, I can assure De Vos that she has been misled by the victim’s rights advocates.No cabal of disgruntled feminists roam campuses in wolf packs looking to devour men.

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Finally, after what the accused see as decades of abuse from the federal government’s Title IX protections and equity initiatives on college campuses, the supposed victims of wrongful sexual harassment claims have had an audience with the secretary of education.