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Because in a world of crime you never know when your name is on the bullet.Sex, Dogz and Rock n' Roll is the consistent continuation of Road Movie themes of the 21st century.Prof Lucie Green will give an update of this development and the mission to study the violent side of the Sun. The mysteries to be solved may be bigger – literally! In this talk I will explain how scientists use ground-breaking data on millions of distant galaxies to carefully piece together the evidence in search of answers to the most enduring puzzles: what is the Universe made of, and how did it get to be the way it is? This has detrimental consequences on structures such as ship hulls.

You can see how things are in the eye of the beholder, just with a small movie like this.

This talk is the story of her analysis of the Radio and X-ray emission that comes from the region close to black hole.

Sadie will explain what this emission tells us about black hole physics, and why radio astronomy is extremely useful but also a bit of a dark art!

Come on a journey to explore the narrative of science and the science of stories, from the history of discovery to discoveries that might make some of our oldest fables come true.

Together we’ll build a science story, uncover the magic of memory, and commit tales to heart.

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Scientists, like me, are trying to find out ways to grow replacement body parts in the lab or to stimulate the body to make its own replacement tissue.