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He opened it up for individual profile evaluation, which occurred, but so did a lot of fruitful meta-discussion about attraction in general and online dating mechanisms in particular.

There are two goals in writing a good profile: We'll address these one at a time, beginning with honesty.(It also incorporates some ideas I had previously but hadn't collected yet.) A little of it is specific to OKCupid, but most of it can be applied to any dating site, and some to dating in general.I've cited points which came from single comments (i.e. OKCupid already has a blog for just that, and it's called OKTrends." OKTrends has its merits, but it also has one major flaw.In that way, OKC has actually been a big force in driving me to understand who I am, what I want, and what really matters to me.Concrete Advice #4: Learn what you actually care about.

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If you'll pardon me quoting myself: The first few versions of my profile were geared to show off how geeky and smart I was.