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Deuteronomy, like the rest of the Torah and, indeed, Scripture in general, is a very rich book.

Its text is relatively spare, yet every word, sentence, and paragraph is filled with nuances of meaning.

It then procedes to discuss how to read the text in its various parts -- the preamble, the body of the constitution, its enactment and promulgation through a covenant renewal ceremony involving curses and blessings, its provisions for future covenant renewal ceremonies, a final word from Moses describing the constitution, and an epilogue describing Moses' passing of his authority and powers to Joshua.

The article begins by discussing the character of Deuteronomy and the structure of the constitutional elements within it.

It raises the question as to whether or not Deuteronomy was actually in force as a constitution, and why Deuteronomy was necessary to complete the classic constitution of ancient Israel.

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Deuteronomy, however, focuses more on the collective constitutional dimension that earlier parts of the Torah, making it even more constitutional in the sense that the idea came to be understood.

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