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Miss Cash described how they had checked the menu 'to make sure there were no mention of peanuts' in the ingredients list.

After one or two spoonfuls of his meal, Mr Hill described the curry as 'different to what he had before'.

Peanuts and tree nuts can cause allergic reactions, which are sometimes severe.

A severe reaction to nuts is called anaphylaxis and can be life-threatening.

The ingredients for the restaurant's 'traditional curries' were not listed on the menu and Mr Hill had not informed staff of his allergy before he ordered the meal, the inquest into his death heard.

The couple decided to leave the restaurant and go back home.This causes an allergic reaction and symptoms include trouble breathing, vomiting, diarrhoea, itch and swollen eyes, gives and a drop in blood pressure.The inquest heard how Mr Hill had rushed to the bathroom to throw up before returning to the table and eating the second chicken curry meal.Every time the person eats or, in some cases, handles or breathes in a peanut or tree nut, the body thinks the proteins are harmful invaders.The immune system responds by kicking into high gear to fend off the 'invader'.

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'Seconds before the ambulance got there he dropped and I held him on the floor.'Ambulance staff pumped Mr Hill's stomach and rushed him to the hospital but they were too late and he died just hours later. It was a case of him forgetting more than anything else.'In December 2014, it became a legal requirement for any business serving non pre-packed food to inform customers of allergenic ingredients contained in their dishes.

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