Rowupdating object sender

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Rowupdating object sender

Sorting, Paging) and only in the appropriate event-handlers.

I believe I have found this answer to this one myself, after further debugging I found that my Control for changing the date range for the Grid View was being fired when changing the Check Box value or the Drop Down List value. Hope this saves someone a full day of research (and possibly some hair)! To enhance this process, be sure to include your Grid View in an AJAX Update Panel.Page Index Changed event, and rebind in that handler. This should be set to the name of the handler which will be handling the event. Also, the code you suggested is the exact same as the way my checkbox is defined above.Check out this MSDN article For me it was the "Enable View State" set to TRUE on the grdiview. And the method is defined properly with the proper method signature with object and Event Args. I know how to set up an event through markup Was just a suggestion.

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To do this, I created an instance of the Row Updating event for the Grid View.