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Shae and joey buckwild dating site

Shain Gandee and Joey Mulcahy were up in Wolfpen Hollow, the hardscrabble West Virginia cranny where Shain had grown up, when the producer approached them. A neighbor had sent him their way, and Shain’s truck looked promising: muddy, a rebel flag in back, squirrel tails hanging off the antenna. “We took him up on top of the hill in Shain’s truck,” Joey recalls, “with two or three other girls and another dude, and we threw them all in a mud hole, and they mud wrestled, and we just had fun, and we went through a mud hole a couple times in our truck.

He was like, ‘You all are crazy.’ ” Afterward, when Shain told his mom he’d taken a Hollywood producer mudding, Loretta Gandee says, “I was like, ‘Yeah, right.’ ” Half a year later, when the production company phoned to follow up—Paramount Pictures came up on the caller I.

The Real World seems quaint now, alongside all the successive generations of reality-TV innovation.When he was a kid, family vacations meant getting in the car and driving to the first intersection, where Shain or his sister, Shalena, would choose left or right, and they’d just go, not knowing where they’d end up—a cave, a waterfall, a lake.He and Joey had grown up constantly breaking bones and getting stitches; once, Shain got bit by a copperhead snake.In a world of rapacious media, Shain’s refusal to carry a cell phone made him practically a feral child.Given his penchant for disappearing for days—maybe mudding, maybe road-tripping to Kentucky—the producers pressed a phone on him so they could track his whereabouts, but then when he went awol and they asked why he hadn’t answered their calls, he said the phone was probably still plugged in wherever it was when they first gave it to him.

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Later, they gathered some of their friends for a bonfire. Eventually, the cast would number nine, but from early on, it was clear that Shain, with his indifference to contemporary norms, was Most Likely to Become Snooki, a character so needle-in-a-haystack extraordinary you could build a show around him.