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Typical users include people with Afrikaans as their first language but who speak English as a second language and people living in areas where the population speaks both English and Afrikaans.Many of these terms also occur widely amongst ethnic/native South Africans, and others living in neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia etc.Please help by adding an introductory section to this article.For more information, see the layout guide, and Wikipedia's lead section guidelines to ensure the section will be inclusive of all the essential details.For example: "ge-son(t)-hei(t)" (gesondheid, "health"). Note, the English term slang is used strictly in its English pronunciation in context, as the Afrikaans word of the same spelling (though pronounced as "slung") translates as "snake".Fanakalo (fanagalo) also refers to when people of non-Zulu origin attempt to speak Zulu without the proper pronunciation and throat sounds.

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For example: Tande (plural of tand; "tooth"), formal = "tande", informal = "tanne".

In singular words' syllables ending in "-d", "-nd" and "-heid", the "d" is always pronounced as a "t".

(b) That part of the arbitrator’s award in terms of which Mr Jacobus Johannes Kruger was reinstated in the employ of the South African Revenue Service is reviewed, set aside and replaced with the following: (i) The South African Revenue Service must pay Mr Kruger compensation equivalent to his salary for six months at the time of dismissal.

The orders of the Labour Court and the Labour Appeal Court are set aside and that of the Labour Court is replaced with the following: “(a) To the extent reflected in paragraph (b) below, the review application succeeds.

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And if someone can bring some biscuits for a banofi pie that would be great. I'm warning you my dad won't tolerate any gesuipery, he'll klap you stukkend!

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  1. My thinking is, we should tailor our educational system such that learners are equipped and empowered to solve problems, our problems; problems we are facing now and the ones we may not even know we need to solve because we are blinded by the humongous ones we have known and lived with for so many years.