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Who is jennifer lawrence dating september 2016

With (2014)This somewhat infamous misfire from Oscar-winning director Susanne Bier features that true rarity: a Jennifer Lawrence performance in which she looks deeply uncomfortable.One of the actress’s most impressive qualities is her ability to hold your attention effortlessly, to look as if acting in a movie is the most natural, normal thing a person could do.Watching her in ) wrote and directed this story — set in 1970s Iowa and based in part on her own youth — about a teenager (Lawrence) who has to raise her two younger sisters (one of whom is played by Chloë Grace Moretz) in a brothel, the titular Poker House.The movie is so deeply felt that it sometimes loses the thread; it has the feel of someone working through her demons, rather than necessarily making a film that’s compelling to watch.Maybe it’s because she’s usually such a forceful onscreen presence that sticking her in the middle of a crowded story line doesn’t quite suit her skill set?Whatever the reason, we wouldn’t shed any tears if she never dons the blue makeup again.

But because the movie’s a mess — filled with so many “colorful” characters meant to be delightfully quirky that you want to hit them with a brick — Lawrence’s sure, steady hand at the wheel has to fight to keep everything running relatively smoothly.

To which we’ll say: If that’s an act, it’s a really good one — and we’re not tired of it. We’re less concerned with overall quality of these movies than with Lawrence’s roles in them, but because she’s been the shining center of so many of her films, that proves tricky.

Her best movies seem to vibrate on the same unpredictable, immediate wavelength that she likes to operate on.

These movies probably did wonders for her bank account, but as proof of her multiplex powers, they pale in comparison to Katniss.

(2015)Lawrence’s third collaboration with director David O. This fictionalized portrait of Miracle Mop mastermind Joy Mangano is long on emotional flourishes but lacks the engaging storytelling that made so much more satisfying.

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But it has legitimate passion behind it, and Lawrence is terrific in an incredibly challenging role.